YOu There! Off that back burner right now!
Two years in, waiting on everyone hand and foot, being everyone else’s rock, making everyone else comfy... it’s time to find out who YOU truly are so you can:

Put YOU first again, Guard what truly matters most to you,
And find the JOY and the SPARK you’ve been missing :

There is a better way to DO life.

There’s a way that allows you to:

  • HONOR yourself AND those you love
  • Take back your LIFE from those who would rather you stay small and insignificant


And that way?

Starts with YOUR TRUTH

Take back your time, your emotions, and your power when you live every moment from your soul.

Things have changed in massive ways and many of us are left not even knowing what we truly value most.
That’s all about to change.

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For 5 days, we’ll dig into all that has been pushed back and pushed aside so we can…

Uncover what lights you up and ignites your
F*&K YES again!

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Courtney Demarco



What can I say? A year ago , I was all up in my ego and served others, I knew how to make others happy but not myself. I had so much unhealed trauma that I was with the wrong people. When I met Nikyla and Candace I knew I needed to fix me in order to be a better teacher and an even better mother. I needed to heal my inside first. Participation in Soul Evolution Healing School fir a year, I found my voice, became more self aware, and started choosing me and my daughter above anyone else. I distanced myself from people who did not align with my new self and I am so grateful for going on this journey with their guidance

Crystal pennington



Nikyla and Candice have the most devotion to their students learning, Without a doubt, they care so much towards the students, allowing them to learn more deeply and of greater magnitudes. This attitude can be seen from their constant feedback they give students, the enthusiasm in engaging with students, they are an amazing team to help someone grow.

Amber Rose



I said yes to my soul and came out of the spiritual closet. lol. Thank you Candice and Nikyla.

“Create The Story Of Who You Are And Be What You Love”

ready to be true to yourself

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We are SOUL EVOLution and it is our life mission to serve others as they dig down deep and transform their lives to have more, to be more, and to serve more.


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