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SOUL Harmony Year long Mastermind

Revitalize your soul and reclaim your power...PERMANENTLY.


SOUL Harmony

SOUL Harmony is a year long mastermind program for soulful human beings ready to truly reprogram your mind, body, and spirit once and for all.

Do you desire lasting and consistent inner peace and balance?

Are you searching for a way to stay in alignment with your soul, stick to new thought patterns, write a new story for yourself, and keep up with your spiritual practices?


  • Deepening your understanding of your emotional self using it as a barometer for your boundaries and inner wisdom.
  • Shifting your thought patterns and past beliefs about who you thought you were and authentically create who you be.
  • Seeing your life clearly, knowing what you want, and choosing to respond to life that serves the highest and best of everyone involved.
  • Aligning mentally, spiritually, emotionally with your soulful self through meditation, visualization, and energy tools.
  • Awakening and expanding your intuitive gifts.
  • Creating mandatory time with yourself in your own sacred restorative space that enables you to tune into deep wisdom, be inspired, and recharge.
  • Playing joyfully and tapping into immense pleasure in each moment.
  • Appreciating every experience as you shift into the new paradigm by consciously choosing freedom, light, and love.

All this and more is available to you in the

SOUL Harmony Mastermind

SOUL Harmony Mastermind

You’re invited to join us on this magical journey to create the life of your dreams. It’s time to...

  • Put yourself first and make yourself a top priority. (We all know how much we give and take care of others above ourselves.)
  • Tune into your needs and feelings and realize YOU matter. (It's ok to have feelings and needs of your own.)
  • Make friends with your fears and release past programming, transforming them into deep wisdom and compassion for you to draw upon as you move forward. (It's time to renew your mind and forgive yourself and others for the past)
  • Find strength in vulnerability and be led by love to your soul's true purpose. (Your sensitivities are a gift!)
  • Recreate yourself, evolve your soul, and discover your authentic self.(It's time to courageously reconnect with who you really are!)

Perhaps You Feel...

Frustrated because you're secretly punishing yourself for the wrong choices of your past and can't move forward.

Misunderstood because you want to feel confident, but inside you don't trust or have faith in who you are or what you are doing.

Disconnected from your joy and can't seem to tap into your playfulness because of the overwhelming demands of life.

Scared of judgement and rejection, afraid of letting the true you show up in your life.

Resistant to taking action and listening to your spirit guides because you fear the unknown and change.

Comfortable staying in your shell where you have hidden and protected yourself even if it causes you pain.

So why should you join us?

You will revitalize your soul and reclaim your power...PERMANENTLY.

It’s never too late to live a life you are proud of

Find yourself
Know your worth
Make your dreams come true!

Renew your mind
Open your heart
Free your soul from burdens
Bring your authentic badass self back!

There is no need to do this alone.

We help you discover your right path on your journey and connect you with soulful like-minded people that understand you.

We are Nikyla and Candice, soulful women coming together to share our gifts to reconnect you to your power so you can transform your life and trust yourself again. ​

SOUL Harmony is JUST what you've been looking for to break through all the bull shit holding you back so you can start living your authentic life!

Let's create some much needed Freedom and FUN!

Since we'll be with each other for a full Year in SOUL Harmony, we ought to introduce ourselves.

We are SOUL EVOLution

Together we created a soulful retreat to support sensitive soulful human beings in raising their consciousness to live their BEST LIVES.

Candice Box

Master Soul Alchemist


I am a master soul alchemist who transforms limiting beliefs and patterns so soulful human beings can love themselves and live their true purpose.

I went from feeling stuck, doubtful, and afraid of being my authentic self to trusting spiritual guidance and taking action and living my life.

I was an overly sensitive person always caring for others around me. It became too much and I lost myself. I turned to addictive behaviors to numb out my feelings and I spiralled into rebellion.

I knew I had to get in touch with my deep feelings and take steps to heal my heart and move forward with my life or knew I would remain in deep depression and disconnection. I learned to let go of my past and the limiting beliefs I believed to be true so that my true expression and light would shine again.

I took a 180 degree turn and became a healer by studying myself a long with many modalities to understand the deepest parts of me. I learned from amazing spiritually gifted teachers. For 15 years, I reconnected with my body, chakras, and subconscious mind. I learned about soul records and past lives and began spiritually clearing, releasing, and repatterning old beliefs and habits. I am truly grateful I transformed and learned to awaken my gifts. Afterwards, I felt a calling to support others with my experiences and gifts so my clients may turn to their authentic selves and truly love themselves on all levels.


Nikyla Maria

Transformational Life and Self-Empowerment Coach

I am a Transformational Life and Self-Empowerment Coach who helps humans in dig deep, rid their lives of negativity, and fall deeply in love with themselves.

Hey there,
I am an agent of change, a rule breaker, a freethinker, a writer, a coach, an educator, an entrepreneur, a woman with soul, and of course, a badass human.

I live with the love of my life and our 3 beautiful children, whom I often refer to as, the tiny humans sharing my home. Girl number 1 is ten, girl number two is 9, and and the boy is 7. I went from an abusive divorce, no love for myself, no home, and a job that left me unsatisfied to living the life of my dreams, on my own terms.

I was born and raised in a small town in Utah but never really felt ‘at home’ there. I later moved to Washington State and knew that’s where I wanted to raise my kiddos.

I began working with physically and sexually abused woman at my community women's shelter and felt an overwhelming desire to do more good in the world. I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education and then a Masters Degree in Administration, instructional Leadership, and Curriculum design. I now live my dream life. I am able to work from home (or anywhere with Wifi really), travel the world with my tiny humans and live the life I created without financial stress or burnout.

I promised myself that when I broke free from the darkness I would do everything in my power to make sure that other humans would not have to suffer as I did. That is why I started life coaching. I have a passion for helping soulful humans be the best they can be.

I firmly believe that this life is good and that we can have all we want in this world if only we believe it is ours for the taking. It is my promise to help those who are ready for their dream life, start to create it.


Are you a heart-driven, spiritually aware, wisdom seeking, sensitive soul?

Our unique SOUL Harmony mastermind is catered to learning how to unconditionally love yourself to feel comfortable in your skin, secure in your gifts, safe being you, opening your heart to receive love, and at ease with who you are. We teach the foundational basics of self care so your spirit can soar.

We support you in identifying your needs and tapping into your true feelings while letting go of judgments and insecurities.

We dedicate ourselves in helping you feel safe and completely supported in your full expression and awakening your gifts.

We encourage you to speak your truth and step into your true power because it will bring you freedom and support you need to live your authentic soul-filled life NOW!

Here's what you'll have after working with us...

  1. SOUL Commitment - It’s time to commit to YOU, all of you! Start taking yourself seriously and decide HERE and NOW to say YES to yourself. Make time and space for you and live UNAPOLOGETICALLY!
  2. SOUL Alignment - Align with ALL of YOURSELF, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the darkness the light. It’s time to live in alignment with ALL OF YOU. Surrender all control and allow the sweet harmonies of your soul to guide you through life. It’s time to start living a life in alignment with your soul's’ true purpose. Get to know your inner self, deep dive and explore the depth of your soul and realign yourself. Live a life of authenticity, purpose and inspiration.
  3. SOUL Purification - Release negative toxins and energy, clear out all the limiting beliefs and past programming that is holding you back, deep dive into your subconscious and release all that no longer serves you.
  4. SOUL Grounding - Sink your roots into the earth and allow Mother Nature to nurture your soul. As you ground your being and free your past you will develop a deep trust in yourself and faith strong enough to withstand even the mightiest of storms.
  5. SOUL Vibrations - Channel your sexuality and magnify your creativity as you explore sexual energies and release any creative blocks. It’s time to fuel your inner fire, turn your Soul on, and bring your INNER sexy back.
  6. SOUL Strengthening - It’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Stretch your soul and expand your power. Embrace the challenges and obstacles in life and run towards your fear. As you strengthen your soul you ignite a powerful energy within you that will propel you forward.
  7. SOUL Luvin - Open your heart (to yourself) It’s time to fall madly and deeply in love with all of you and take strength from your strengths and your weaknesses. You ARE LOVE, you EMBODY everything you could ever need. You are enough.
  8. SOUL Integrity - Speak your truth- It’s time to stand in your power and speak your truth. Here we learn the art of communication, boundaries, and speaking our truth. We will learn how to communicate our needs, wants, and desires, how to express ourselves, and communicate our boundaries to our closest friends, and the entire world.
  9. SOUL Wisdom - This is where you learn how to tune into your Intuition, explore your intuitive gifts, and tap into your inner intuitive strength. This is all about learning to listen to your innermost self, trusting the quiet whisperings of your intuition and following that guidance in full faith.
  10. SOUL Path - This is where your internal world aligns with your external world as you choose to stop listening to your old story, your old script, your old beliefs and you fully embrace the new. After all the self discoveries we have made during this incredible journey it’s time for YOU to DECIDE, what path you will continue to walk.

Together we will…

  • Support you through many painful experiences that may have led you to lose our authentic self and become slaves to who you think you are suppose to be.
  • Guide you to choose to live authentically everyday guided by your intuition. We are 100% transparent with you. We want to share with you our experiences, teachings, and tools to guide you to living your best life and feel free.
  • Have your best interests at heart. We are dedicated to being there for you. You will be at the top of our minds and in our hearts. We desire to see you love yourself unconditionally and take care of YOU in ways that bring you joy.
  • Focus on higher truths aligned with the light and love of the Universe. We are first and foremost spiritual beings having a human experience. We understand the complexities of our dual nature and the different views and perspectives of the external world that can cloud your authentic self. We support you with energy healing, chakra balancing, karma clearing, and spiritual clearings to release limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns so you step into your powerful authentic self.
  • Bring out your courage and strength to create your most amazing life. We teach you to shed layers of conditioning and find your authentic truth and power. When you honor your true expression you will create your dreams and make them a reality.

If you are searching for your soul tribe, who will understand and support you, this MASTERMIND is for YOU! SOUL Harmony, is a life changing year long program with committed spiritual human beings ready to live authentically. Give youreself an experience of a lifetime to practice, process, connect, and explore who you really are

SOUL Harmony Mastermind Program


Phase 1: Where Are You Now?

Living the life of your dreams starts on the inside. Before you can be truly happy in anything you do, you need a profound love and respect for the human you are at this moment. This is where we begin to own your life and break through the fears and limiting beliefs. This is where you do YOU!

  • Evaluate your energy field, chakras, and aura levels: Discover where blocks, debris, and cords are causing misalignment in your energy system.
  • Assess your current mindset state: Get clear on the beliefs and patterns that are ingrained in your energy system and holding you back in your life.
  • Discover your energy consciousness level: Determine how it colors your perceptions and begin to elevate it to higher levels of awareness.
  • Consider your level of self-care: Understand what you may be doing or not doing that is affecting your life, career, and your relationships.
  • Live balanced. There are 4 foundational pillars, self-care, healthy relationships, connection to spirit/nature, and service to others. Learn to balance and align yourself to the 4 foundational pillars and raise your consciousness and life to the next level of your soul’s evolution.

Phase 2: What Got You Here?

Until you’re able to let go of everything that is holding you back. The doubts, the fears, the guilt. Throw it all out the window and step into your life.

  • Dive deep into your unconscious traumas: Become aware of where the beliefs of fear, doubt, and stuckness are causing resistance and rebellion from what you truly wish to create in your business.
  • Recognize limiting beliefs, habits, and patterns: Learn how they affect how you and run your life.
  • Uncover the roots of challenging issues: Become conscious of generational curses and past life issues and clear, reprogram, and create practical action steps to heal them.
  • Examine your intimate relationships: Discover the voices that drive you, find what patterns you adopted that may be hindering your choices, and learn your ability to connect with others authentically.
  • Create healthy relationships: Learn to recognize and Let go of the negativity in your life, including people, thoughts, and actions.
  • Grasp archetypal energies: See where the archetypal energies have affected your past choices and inhibit your present choices.

Phase 3: How To Get Where You Want To Be?

Becoming a badass human means waking up every day with the intention to show up in the world. This is where you get the exact exercises we use to manifest our dream life.

  • Step into your power: Dive in and see how much you are operating from your power.Determine where you give away your power, where others make choices for you, and where you are afraid of your power so you hold back.
  • Develop a relationship with money: Redesign your money programs to transform the condition of your life, both physical and spiritual so that you can feel more truthful, free, and potent enabling you to live a life of integrity and self expression that is consistent with your deep core values.
  • Tap into your intentions: Set clear intentions that compliment your soul’s true purpose.
  • Learn how to communicate your needs and desires assertively and tactfully. Because a badass would never let another’s opinion stand in her way.
  • Tear down the walls and refuse to accept limitations. Learn techniques for overcoming obstacles and creating your own path.
  • Learn how to trust yourself and use fear to your advantage.
  • Understand where you procrastinate, sabotage, perfect, or seek approval and allow your life to slip away from you. Learn the best way to integrate your lifestyle and your business with ease and flow so it is an alignment with how you wish to live.

Phase 4: Creating A Soul Inspired Life

These steps are all about ACTION. Get out there and practice your new tools and learn some new ones. Now that you are ready we need to master some skills for showing up in the world. Own your inner badass. It takes self control, thoughtfulness, and confidence to step into the life of your dreams. Be ready to take on the world. You will have all the tools necessary to step into your dream life.

  • Learn how to stay aligned with your goals and how to stay in-tune with your inner warrior.
  • How to manage your time and take control of your life.
  • Trust your intuition: Look at your relationship with your inner guidance system. Discover spiritual practices and tools that support you. Examine how well you accept Divine guidance, trust your intuition, and discern the voices of egoic self-talk, inner child, and lower self.
  • Watch for signs and synchronicities: Learn to access higher guidance with prayer and meditation while paying attention to the answers within signs and synchronicities that begin to reveal itself.
  • Co-create with Divine Source: You’ll learn to step into your natural rhythm and into the energy of “allow” and surrender. Step away from the rat race and co-create with Divine Source. Create a life that inspires you, you feel passionately about, works with your lifestyle, and genuinely supports others.
  • Feel empowered: Enjoy the ease and flow of feeling comfortable in making choices that feel good to you. Choose not from gains and losses, but from true sight, right action, and becoming the person of trusting in inner wisdom.
  • Trust the journey: Feel confident, centered, grounded, and excited that you are on a journey of co-creating a business with Divine Source that is based on your soul’s true purpose.

Your Experience also includes...

Incredible bonuses. They are included to help get you to where you want to be. We go above and beyond for our clients so that during our 12 months together you’ll get individualized support to step into alignment with your soul’s true purpose and feel good about the life you are creating.


- Group Coaching-

You’ll receive 3 weekly live group training calls each month throughout the 12 months to connect in community as well as align you with each of the phases topics.  In the group coaching, Nikyla and Candice create a safe space where you will learn new tools and new perspectives to hone into your truth so you can experience more freedom. 


Private Facebook Group -

You’ll receive access to our private Facebook group where you can connect with other Sacred Rebels who will support, celebrate, and offer feedback when you need it the most. We post and interact daily throughout the entire program to enhance your experience.


- Exclusive Messenger Access to both Nikyla and Candice -

You’ll have unlimited access to both of us via email. How cool is that?  Two powerhouses at your fingertips.  Email us anytime during your program. Check in with how you are doing, bounce ideas off of either of us, or ask questions that you want clarity around. 


- Access to SOULutions Membersite -

SOULutions are weekly courses on a variety of soul centered life transforming subjects. This is a weekly space for you to take time just for you. Each week you’ll get access to a new video we intuitively pick to give you more information that is crucial to your soul’s shift and development. SOULutions helps create new habits, so you can dedicate your time and mind to shifting and changing patterns. Each course is recorded and available for your enjoyment at your own convenience in your membership site.  There will be OMwork and action steps for you to complete.  These thought provoking questions and action steps will move you forward on your journey by helping you get to the root of the problems and heart of the issues. SOULutions membership is a safe place to practice and share your experiences as you shift.


- Affiliate Program (earn money) -

We value 'word of mouth' so much that we've put together a generous affiliate (referral) program. Which means, every time you refer a customer our way for any of our programs, we'll pay you a percentage of the sale as a thank you. Our marketing strategy is a bit 'unique' in that we prefer to put money in our customers' pockets. It's a win-win, and it supports those that are needing support to transform their lives and create more harmony. When you sign up for our referral program, you can literally start earning extra income in just a few minutes. We'll help you spread the word via social media. You friends and colleagues will thank you - and so does Candice and Nikyla.



- 4 Individual Coaching Session with Nikyla -

Nikyla helps transform your darkest moments into beautiful and powerful opportunities. She will teach you how to discover who you are, fall in love with yourself, and create and live the life you have always dreamed of by guiding you to your inner truth.


- 4 Individual Coaching Session with Candice -

Candice researches your subconscious mind and soul records by connecting with your guidance (High Self/Spirit) to quickly release the negative programming and negative beliefs you accumulated throughout your many lives. As negative programs and blocks are identified, they are cleared and replaced with positive energy and inner peace so you are able to move forward in living your best life.


- Discounted further coaching with either one of us -

Continue coaching sessions with Candice or Nikyla throughout the year at a discounted rate.


-Manifestation Mojo-

A 3 part series workshop were you will let go of what no longer serves you by clearing out old beliefs and patterns that keep your dreams from becoming a reality.  You'll learn the art of vision boards and how they work.  And you'll create your own personal love contract that sets in motion your deepest desires.


-Express Yourself 4 Week Intensive Mini Course -

A 4 week group intensive training for people who want to love themselves unconditionally, nurture their soul, and live an authentic joy-filled life. It’s a unique program catered to learning how to unconditionally love yourself to feel comfortable, secure, loved, and at ease with who you are. We teach the foundational basics of self care. We support you in identifying your needs and tapping into your true feelings while letting go of judgments and insecurities. We dedicate ourselves in helping you feel safe and completely supported in your full expression. We encourage you to speak your truth and step into your true power because it will bring you freedom and support you to live your authentic life NOW!

Your investment

We know that each and everyone of you is at a different place on your journey and we want to support you where YOU are. 

Our year long mastermind SOUL Harmony program is based on what you need.  For those of you who may not be ready for an entire year program, we have broken it down into 4 sections based on your level of commitment. 

You get to choose.

Want to test the waters, start with

1 month at $888

Needing more guidance, start with

3 months at $2497

(save $167)

Want to see results start with

6 months at $4777

(save $551)

Want to seriously commit, take action on

1 year at $8997

(save $1659)


What they are saying...

"Ever since my session with Candice, every aspect of my life has changed. She was able to shed light on aspects of my life that I was completely unaware of. I look at life completely different now because of my session with her. Candice has a way of creating space with total allowance that made me feel comfortable to get to the heart of things, to realize new insights, and release old crap. Her kind, grounded, authentic nature helped me to feel at ease during the process."


"Nikyla gave me the gift of hope, inspiration, courage, and love! As a single mom, most of the time I felt put down, incapable, small, not worthy. Nikyla's teachings showed me the opposite. She opened my eyes and heart into this totally different, liberating, and brave world. She encouraged me to go deep with my true desires to find out what a truly wildly powerful being I am as a woman, particularly as a single mom! I am grateful and proud of who I am and most importantly proud to raise my two wonderful daughters on my own. Nikyla, you are a true star. Let's rise lioness!"


"Having the chance to work with Candice was really life-changing! She pointed out things that really helped me to steer my life in a more courageous direction. She provided me very unique ways to go about dealing with the issues I was facing. After working with her there has been a definite shift in the focus for my life along with the confidence in making that shift. I’m able to trust my journey a lot more, trust myself more, and the overall process for my life. I am truly grateful to the universe for letting our paths cross and for the opportunity to be blessed by her very empowering guidance."


You are certainly ready for SOUL Harmony if...

  • You are ready for an authentic life all day every day!
  • You are done trying to be someone for everyone, you just want to be you.
  • You are ready to say YES to you and taking action on what you want to do.
  • You are ready to hold others capable of taking care of themselves.
  • You are ready to see yourself as an amazing human being celebrating your awesomeness and make different choices.
  • You want to create honest, open-hearted, intimate relationships.
  • You are ready to let go of the self-defeating stories and commit to a new you!
  • You are ready to shine and give from an authentic heart.

You are certainly NOT ready for SOUL Harmony if...

  • You are unwilling to get to know your true authentic self.
  • You like people pleasing and hiding who you really are on the inside.
  • You want to continue to say no to yourself and put yourself on the backburner while everyone else gets what they want.
  • You like taking care of everyone while you are falling apart physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • You want intimate relationships where you can't express your true self.
  • You are not open to new possibilities in your life.
  • You want to continue to self sabotage and repeat the same story over and over again.

It takes courage and willingness to look deeply into yourself, invest in you, and commit to you!


We have spent a ton of money on schooling, courses, and programs to get to where we are today. We want to give you a unique experience throughout the mastermind with all of our expertise and tools we took years to acquire (so you don’t have to spend years yourself).

In our experience, we find it helpful to have a guide and a community to practice expressing yourself in a safe environment in order to implement the practices into your daily living. We find that our ability to be seen, heard, felt, and connected is key to growing and evolving our souls.

Our year long SOUL Harmony mastermind is a perfect way to process through your fears and sensitivities and truly live your authentic life.

This group will be a max out at 25 people in order to ensure each person can get the level of personalized attention they deserve . Spots fill up quickly and I can guarantee they are already filling up fast. ​

If you are tired of putting yourself on the backburner and not taking care of you, the time is NOW!
Don’t let your dreams fall to the wayside. Set your intention and join us for SOUL Harmony Mastermind.
Live your Authentic Life!
Free your soul, transform your life, and watch the magic happen.

We are selective about who we work with.
We are looking for those willing to be open, honest, and ready to dive deep into yourself.
We only have a limited number of spots available for this life changing experience. It's time to let go of the fears and patterns, so go ahead, claim yours before someone who wants it more grabs it first.


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