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SOULful SOULutions!

For the Sacred Rebel in you!


Dare to be you!

Dare to dream of a world full of possibility, adventure, individuality, love, and freedom.

Dare to continue on your path of truth and healing.

Dare to open up to guidance on your spiritual journey and true SOUL's nature.


Calling all rebels, change agents, freedom fighters, teachers, and nurturers! 

This world is yours for the taking (creating) let us show you how….

  • Transcend your limitations and recreate your story.
  • Awaken to the creative process of your choices and how you are presently creating your life.
  • Connect to your inner wisdom and live from the heart by trusting your truth.
  • Be authentically you with no apologies especially with those who want to control you.
  • Let go of pain, suffering, and self punishment and experience health, wealth, success, happiness, love, peace and freedom your birth right!


Have you felt...

  • Constant struggle or drain on your energy?
  • Emotional pain because you aren't like most people you know. 
  • Exhausted being a prisoner to your life surviving and existing rather than feeling truly alive?
  • Diminished and angry by old wounds, unfulfillment, stress, unconscious patterns, and people?

  • Overwhelmed when life gets too much and shut down.


Are you ready to turn your light ALL THE WAY UP??

Release what no longer serves you, trust yourself, and fully step into how you know to live.

It's time to shake things up, establish boundaries, and learn what it really takes to be a Sacred Rebel. 


  • Creating new patterns - and becoming the author of your sacred life. (You have a magnificent life, just gotta tune in!)
  • Dedicating your time and mind to your hearts design, by developing your unique talents and creativity. (You are the only person that can do what you do the way you do it.)
  • Trusting your heart and letting go of societal conditioning that no longer serves you. (You are a pioneer of your sacred life.)
  • Learning healthy ways to live from love and not in fear. (trust the Universe has your back!)
  • Expressing yourself authentically and attracting a soul tribe that vibes on the same level as you.
  • Stepping Into Your Power and Creativity to change the world for the better.
  • Embracing all of you - You are a sacred rebel, a paradox, a shining light, and a change agent.  

Does this make your heart light up? Are you ready to feel free?

Your coaches

Over the past five years, Nikyla and Candice worked with many clients- both in person and online as a Master Healing Alchemist and Transformational Self Empowerment Coach.

We have experience with a variety of people at various stages of their personal and spiritual growth helping them to achieve new perspectives and unveil higher truths.

Our different ways of perceiving and healing gives us exactly what is needed to support you in getting past your blocks and limitations and unlock your sacred gifts to step into your confidence and handle life’s lessons.

That's why we’ve created a transformative yearly membership:


SOULutions is a membership site where you are connected with a community of sacred rebels who are honoring the fullness of their individuality and daring to claim a different reality.


This membership is designed to awaken your creative potency, energetically empower you to unblock obstructions to your flow, and trust yourself and access your truth so you can live a life that brings you meaning and freedom.

What are they saying...

Remember, you are here for a reason, and your soul is hungry for knowledge. You've come as far as you can now it's time to deepen your practice.

""Ever since my session with Candice, every aspect of my life has changed. She was able to shed light on aspects of my life that I was completely unaware of. I look at life completely different now because of my session with her. Candice has a way of creating space with total allowance that made me feel comfortable to get to the heart of things, to realize new insights, and release old crap. Her kind, grounded, authentic nature helped me to feel at ease during the process.""


""I was in a bad place in my life and suffering from depression and anxiety. I had gotten to a place where I hated being me, I hated how I was, how angry I would get over things. How much my thoughts would race and worry would take me over. I was never present in my life for me, for my husband or for my kids! We all would tell and scream at each other because they were feeding off MY negative energy. And children pick up on that so quickly. When I signed up for the course I knew at that moment that I was going to take some much needed time for ME! I was able to make some room in my Busy life. It sparked something inside me that propelled me down my path I was Meant to be on. I was able to get to know who Tricia really is, I was able to reconnect with my inner self. Which provided me with the courage and confidence to explore ME more. This course encourages you to explore what makes you, well YOU! And it Feels GREAT! I hope if you have the same opportunity I did, that you will take it! You maybe surprised what a little self love can do for you and those around you.""


We are so excited to have you join us! Love and Light!

~ Candice and Nikyla



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